Q: What causes ice dams on my gutters?

A: An ice dam is a buildup of ice and water that works its way under shingles. When snow or ice on the roof melts (caused by warm spots in the attic or the sun), water slowly runs down the roof. When the water hits a cold spot on the roof (usually at the eaves), the water refreezes. As more melting water hits the cold spot, it begins to “stack up”, freeze, eventually working its way underneath shingles and sheathing.

Q: What do Gutter Grate products do?

A: Our products are designed to prevent damage caused by ice dams, leaf dams and water. Our products are all filter systems that allow water to flow, while keeping your gutters clean.

Q: What is the warranty on Gutter Grate products?

A: Gutter Screen has a 1-year no clog warranty. Gutter Mesh has a 10-year no clog warranty. Gutter Hood is backed by a Lifetime no clog guarantee.

Q: Will Gutter Grate alter the appearance of my home?

A: Unlike the competitors’ obtrusive, unsightly guards, screens and covers, Gutter Grate though visible from the ground, typically matches the color of your gutters or roof – making it blend with your homes’ exterior.

Q: Will the Gutter Grate company clean my gutters after installation?

A: If you purchased our gutter protection products, yes,
*Per the product warranty

Q: Why do I need a Gutter Grate product?

A: Your home is your most valuable investment. Why take a chance by not having it protected? Water leakage can lead to rotting fascia and soffit, mold and mildew in the attic, rotting windows and foundation problems. Gutter Grate of America products help prevent all of these problems.

Q: Will debris set on the protection system?

A: If debris sets on your roof the same may apply to our gutter protection systems however the wind blows it off.

Q: Will the gutter protection work on slate, cedar or flat roofs?

A: Yes, gutter protection works on all roof lines and slate or cedar roofs as well.