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About Us

Dear Customer,

As I first started in the home improvement business, I was always reminded that the “Customer comes first.” Although I believed this customer first mentality, I rarely saw it in action. Most companies offered one product and told EVERY customer, “This is exactly what you are looking for!” I refused to understand how one single product could be perfect for everyone and their specific needs. Over the past 25+ years, I’ve seen company after company go our of business, doing just that – not offering customers choices that were best for the customer and not just best for the company.

Years ago, to my fortune, I was drawn to one of the top rated home improvement companies in the country. With nothing to lose, I asked to meet the owner and to my surprise, he was kind enough to open his doors to me. My mission was to learn what he did differently that the others. Quickly, I learned the obvious. Rather than offering his customers one product, he was more interested in meeting the individual needs and budgets of each prospective customer. Clearly, he believed that his success was driven by offering the customer a variety of products and allowing them (with his years of experience and recommendation) to select what was best suited for THEM.

Finally, someone with the same beliefs that I have! I maintained a relationship with him and we decided to partner our beliefs (and more than 30 years’ experience) and create a new venture, Gutter Grate of America. Why gutter protection, you ask? This is the one area where we found the largest number of consumers with the least amount of top quality products to choose from.

In keeping with our philosophy of “customer first,” we are pleased to own and operate a business that is driven by the philosophy of: Offer customers what’s best for them. Stay tuned, I look forward to seeing our company as one of the “Top Ten.”


Ray Leggett,
Gutter Grate of America President